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Gender Diversity and Inclusion Business Certification 

Building a workforce where

equitable outcomes, gender

diversity, and inclusion are the focus driving businesses into the future. 

Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

At GDIBC, we understand the value and power of an openly accepting and equitable work culture.

What is a gender diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace?  


Employees are seen as human beings with complex identities. Each employee is supported uniquely and equitably at all levels, whether that is in management style, workplace policy, or interpersonal relationships to ensure an inclusive work culture.

How GDBIC can help your organization: 


GDIBC helps organizations grow by becoming inclusive of transgender and gender diverse individuals, and by becoming LGBTQ+ friendly with employees, clients, and customers. GDIBC guides organizations through a thorough process to adopt inclusive policies, practices, knowledge, and benefits.

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"Completing the GDIBC process has been incredibly validating for our agency, both re-affirming the steps we have taken to be an inviting and 

B907FB0C-8DAC-4FDC-8AF9-81DE760C1D6F (2).png

 inclusive community and outlining some clear next steps on how we can further this work. We have fostered a better culture as a result of this work."


  Terrence McCarron

  Chief Program Officer 

  Big Brother Big Sisters

  Eastern Massachusetts 


"Understanding that gender is not linear through the GDIBC process has helped  our employees create styles that are completely customized to the 

client's gender expression. You need to see all the layers in gender identity."

  Jillian Ross, Owner

  Dellaria Salon of Apex

  Marlborough, Massachusetts

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Let's keep things simple.

The Certification Process

Our three phase certification process guides organizations through establishing gender inclusive initiatives and helps them achieve GDIBC standards for an LGBTQ+ equitable and inclusive workplace.

Phase 1

Evaluation and Assessment


A series of evaluations and assessments are conducted to determine the level of diversity and inclusiveness within multiple facets of business operations and workplace culture. We measure gender diversity, equity, and LGBTQ+ inclusivity throughout the organization. 

Phase 2

Professional Development and Building Understanding

Expert facilitators provide comprehensive gender diversity and inclusion training for all employees. The gender diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusion training ensures comprehension across five essential domains and works to develop a deeper understanding of transgender individuals and their transition in the workplace. 

Phase 3

Implementation and Certification 

Implementation of GDI amended business operating materials, new policies, and procedures creating an inclusive workplace that has systems in place to support gender diverse employees and meets the GDIBC standards of an LGBTQ+ equitable and supportive organization. 

Everyday People 
Exceptional Employees

Having a gender diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace is the framework to create an advantageous environment for both the employees and the employer. LGBTQ+ supportive policies and workplace climates are linked to less discrimination and more acceptance.  This helps employees to feel safe being openly LGBTQ+, which enhances job commitment, improves workplace relationships, increases job satisfaction, improves health outcomes, and increases productivity, which in turn produces greater profits for the company. 

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 Diversity Driven, Future Focused.

"I think having completed this process will help us face our potential participants, partners and supporters with a new sense of confidence in our agencies' ability to serve members of the LGBTQ+ community with excellence."


-Terrence McCarron, Chief Program Officer 

Big Brother Big Sisters Eastern Massachusetts 

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